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Hello! We’re Nifty Visuals, a very small game development studio based in Switzerland! We’re focused on Otome (female target audience) and LGBT+ (mainly BxB right now) Dating Sims with RPG elements!

We crave story-driven games that offer customization options and simple-but-effective gameplay. Our main inspirations are games like Princess Maker and Long Live the Queen as there is a lack of games such as those in the West.

To bring them here, a central goal of ours is to try and popularize them through exquisite artwork, engaging storytelling, and enchanting music!

We’re currently working on Royal Alchemist - a medieval fantasy Otome | BxB stats-raiser filled with political intrigue and deaths.

Our latest Demo has been released May 2019 and offers ~4hrs of content!

Our Kickstarter campaign has successfully helped us raise the necessary funds for development as well as additional content.

With Patreon, however, we aim to polish said content as close as possible to our ideals with more beautiful artwork, additional script editing & directing, music, and sound effects. We also really want to add a personalized OP theme or partial VA if the funds will allow!

For everyone who missed our Kickstarter campaign or wants more ways to support us, you can get access to closed updates & polls here!
The higher tiers will give you access to sneak peaks only our Superbackers would have as well as Patreon-exclusive wallpapers, illustrations, and other artwork created by our team and guest artists.

Nifty Visuals is comprised of Demetis (Artist /Coder) and Nifty Productions (Publishing /Legal work). We have to hire contractors for other assets: including writing, editing, music, and art assistance. One advantage to doing this is that it speeds up the process by having more people work towards completion!

As we always aim for top quality, unfortunately, securing enough money to commission talented people is not always possible.
By supporting, you’ll provide us with a more dependable form of funding and support. In return, we can deliver polished games with first-rate content.

In a way, development is like a journey, and we’d love to have you all along for the ride!

13 of 30 patrons

We would like to extend a huge thank you for helping us get started!

With this goal reached, we'll add more doodles of untold game events - and you get to vote on which characters you'd like to see!

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