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 Allow me to explain. When we were thinking about ideas for the Tier Names, Nightingayle thought of iconic vine names and we both agreed that it was a funny idea, so we went with that. Also, we're very avid internet dwellers, so it only made sense for us to do something with the internet in our tiers.

At this tier, you will get access to small tidbits from our stories as available.

At this level:

-Small tidbits from Nightingayle's story in the $3 Patron Section in this page, hopefully one per month as avaliable.

-Small tidbits from Westtham's story as avaliable in the $3 Section

- Character Bio's and World Rules info

per month
At this tier, you will get access to chapters that are not in our stories ( just for fun) 

At this level:

- All of the above plus...

- Just for fun chapters

Two bros... Chilling in a hot tub
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At this tier, you will get access to one or two never before seen chapters of our books before anyone else as well as behind the scenes planning pages and mood boards.

At this level:

- All of the above plus...

- One or two chapters of our books early!

- Behind the Scenes!




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About Nightingayle and Westtham Writing

We are two authors ( and avid internet dwellers) that were inspired to create a writing group and publish our stories, so, we created a Patreon. Why a Patreon? Well, It costs money for us to publish our books, and we are currently in the process of writing two separate full novels, a process which takes a great deal of time. So we turned to Patreon to finance our publishing and just in general because of our need for finances in order to be successful authors. So, join us in our adventure outside of the internet ( well not technically) and into the magical world of writing. Just a little more about us. We go by pseudonyms ( for fun ). I'm Westtham ( writing this currently ) and I write Science Fiction Novels and short stories, although my progress pales in comparison to the work of Nightingayle, my associate and author friend, who writes Fantasy/Fiction Novels. Aside from our current novels, we both write short stories which are nowhere near as large as our current novels, so maybe we can include those in tier level rewards or goals down the road. Either way, Nightingayle and I would both like to extend a big thanks for visiting our Patreon page, and if you decide to pledge any amount we really appreciate that! Thanks again! 
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