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is creating a 3D model catalog.
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Subscribers to this tier will gain access to a new model, released each month.  This may be one complex model, a small group of similar, simple models, or anything in between.



About Mary Williams

Greetings, and welcome to this Patreon reboot!

What is contained within these pages is a growing catalog of 3D models. One new entry will be added each month to help you build your 3D libraries. You never need to look far to add depth and detail to your 3D projects again!

You may use these models for your free, personal, non-profit, and commercial works, so long as you do not redistribute the meshes or supplemental material themselves.

For prior months, you will be able to purchase these models from my online store.  The models will then be subject to the individual licenses available at the store at which it is sold.

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