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About Taeko Sensei

Hey there! It's Taeko here. I'm a native Japanese speaker. I've been teaching over 7 years and I've taught hundreds of students from all over the world.

Why am I doing this?
I get asked to make videos, articles, learning materials and such, as most of my students find other online resources confusing.

I checked some of the "popular" videos and websites myself, and there really isn't really one perfect solution to the issues many learners have.

Things I can offer:

  • 2 Minute Japanese Videos like this
  • Student oriented materials: You ask, I make! 
  • Japanese Learning App reviews
  • Beginner to Intermediate level reading & listening resources
  • Fun conversation videos or audio files
  • ... and lots more!
At the moment, I'm doing everything by myself, so it takes time to create new materials.
That's why I need your help!

Currently I don't have much time to make videos, so I won't be able to release them quickly. But if I get enough support, I'll be able to do it on a regular basis.

Thanks for visiting my page!
Looking forward to working with you soon :)

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When I reach $300/month, I can start making simple videos on a regular basis (ideally 1 video/week).

It will really help me to get started.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post