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You get a virtually hug and all my thanks and graditude for supporting me! 

Besides that you also can see; 

  • - sketches, 
  • - animations or animatic 
  • - High-res-pictures of finish pieces
  • - everything else I normally won't upload 

Bowl of Cookies
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Everything you get in the Cookie Tier and; 

  • - Step by Step (off 2 pictures each months)
  • - 15% Discount (Commission, YCH,...
  • - monthly fullbody colored sketch of your character




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About Kama

Hey there, I'm so glad you took the time to stop by.
I appreciate any and every support, whether it be as a patron or as someone who just enjoys looking at my work!

I upload here most everyday.
$41 of $100 per month
This would be a super help, so with time I can upgrade my equipment. xD
Which would be very helpful while streaming, producing art and may be able to make own prints. And maybe make my mom believe in me too. *sobs* :'>

If this Goal will be reached everyone who helped will get something from me. :) 

Thank you at least for now reading this! <3
Have a great day!
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