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For now I'm putting as much time into my main projects as possible. As I have more time and funds I'll be planning some bonuses for Patrons.




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About Nikki Edgar

I make colourful graphic scores and am developing a musical language that can be widely interpreted by anyone; not exclusively musicians.
The aim is to create something all-inclusive and accessible. 
From this, pieces can be tailored to specific situations and individuals. This allows for a more personal experience for all participants in the performance and in particular, allows young performers the chance to express themselves.
Everyones intererpretation is welcomed and encouraged, so long as it is consistent and sincere.

Who am I?
I'm a 21 year old artist and performer exploring the connection between colours and sound. I want to make music that anyone can play, no age, skill or knowledge restrictions, all that's needed is a willingness to think about music from different angles (but it doesn't even have to necessarily be about music... show me what you got) 

Why am I here?
Ideally I want to keep making music and art everyday and be able to survive without having to work another job. If I could survive off your support every month then imagine how much more I could be making! More ideas, more conversations and discussions, more music, more everything! 
But! That's a pretty fantastical idea and I'm going to keep making stuff no matter how I have to support myself.
 SO for now I really would just appreciate support to help fund all the performances I want to put on, be able to pay the performers, hire awesome venues and afford all the lights and materials I need to make huge interactive scores that people can walk all over, throw around or walk through (so many fun things.)

(At the moment I'm restricted sadly by costs of materials so all my pieces can't really get over the size of A3, but they're fun for the time being and I WILL make giant pieces, just you wait! or don't wait, gimme the money now...)

$0 of $1,000 per month
With $1000 monthly I can totally host an event once a month! 
Maybe it will be an exhibition, a performance art piece, one on one performance, just a regular old concert, who knows. Actually maybe you will, once I reach my goal!
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