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About Nikki Lyka

The main vein for my newest photos, behind-the-scenes travels, blog posts, modelling, and artistic shenanigans.

Update 23/05/19 - Q&A vlogs/streams, and every day + travel wear outfit lookbooks will be added soon!

Available for Effigy ($10) tiers and higher. If you want to get in on the action for having your questions answered in videos, suggestions for future travels/outfits/photos, and more - this is where to start!


A somewhat pocket-sized Canadian currently residing in Germany. Artist, blogger, model, and photographer (I wear a lot of hats) with an avid love for exploring abandoned buildings, petting cute animals, and contrasts in images - most notably black and white visuals. I’ve written articles for BuzzfeedAmazing Stories! MagazineDark Beauty MagazineCarpe Nocturne Verillas Fashion, and Tentacles & Terror. My artwork and photography have been displayed in various galleries and venues across Canada and the United States, including The Wicked Beautiful, and Art + Muzak.

New + exclusive blog/journal posts, behind-the-scenes travelling photos and videos, Patron-only looks into where I'm going next, along with postcards, modelling photos, and other fun things all sent to you every month!

Getting enough freelance work to pay for existing is a full-time job in itself, (aka a fancy way of saying I have no stable income), which is why I’m on Patreon. With your support to help projects get off the ground and allowing me some breathing room in daily life to keep my attention focused on producing what makes the soul soar - you get to see everything first, before anyone else and join me in the adventure! You’ll gain access to exclusive blog updates about my current and ongoing projects, life, behind-the-scenes of my work, the techniques I use, and tons of other awesome stuff.

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