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Hey! We are Nikki and Sydd. We are raising and expanding our family one little person at a time, but we agree that creating and nurturing a community online can be just as fulfilling. If you like what we have to offer we’d love for you to come hang out and chat with us!

And I'm kind of the behind the scenes gal. I take care of our social media presence and make sure people don’t forget who we are or where to find us. I also will be gaming at least twice a week on our Twitch channel so don’t forget to check that out! Outside of the internet, I go to school online (yeah still the internet, so sue me) and I help raise our awesome mini gamer, while currently growing our soon to be ♥ I also like photo editing and photography so if that’s something you're into I’d love to talk about it!

And I'm an Army Veteran first and foremost. That being the case I bring some baggage from that along with me everywhere, but I strive to be the best gamer in every game that I play. I consider myself a natural at most games and within a few hours I can normally be challenging people who have been playing the game for years. I love getting on Twitch and hanging out with the community that we are developing and I know I can bring enough entertainment to the community to at the very least make a bad pun. What can I say I’m a “Punny” guy. 

Why Patreon?
Patreon is such a wonderful platform that connects amazing people with us and enables them to help fund our content, which in turn allows us to keep doing what we are doing and steadily improve our streaming quality. Every cent means so much and we want everyone to know how fantastic you all are by showing you off in various ways for supporting us. Now, of course, that's not the only way to show your support. Coming to the streams, chatting or lurking, following us on our social media and joining our little family means the absolute WORLD to us. Time and money make the world go round and we are no exception, BUT, I don't ever want you to feel pressured into donating because it's simply not necessary, so don't forget that! 

Twitch: / @NikkiandSydd
Instagram: / @nikkiandsydd
Twitter: / @nikkiandsydd
Facebook: / @nikkiandsydd 

We hope to see you soon!
All our love,
Nikki and Sydd

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100 dollars a month can go towards any number of things, food, internet bill, but most importantly it helps us keep up with our self-set demanding schedule. Only the best for our amazing community!
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