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About Nikki Keo

I trying to make animations, illustrations and comics.
The only problem is that I have barely low money to support myself as I work a part-time job with very low pay and it usually goes to my rent, bills, College loans, heath insurance and food.  

I want to draw and animated for a living, but I need some way to support myself. 
If I could earn enough money in Patreon, I can draw full time and quit my part-time job as they force me to work more hours. 

I hope to do my best for to earn enough money to make an animated Pilot for Red Bucket and other animations.
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Thank you for donating! it means a lot for u to support me QAQ

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Thank you for ur support. You get access to my artwork without watermarks.   and concept designs that will appear in my comic and animation

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you get to see the WIP of my art  and early access to  my comic

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All the above, but able to look at my ship art  and will make a character profile each month

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Previous awards and be  able get to view my WIP of my animations  and animatic in each month 

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A new Tier award will appear - like see my animation progress and voting rights, ect. 
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