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About Nilo Johannsen

Hello! My name is Nilo Johannsen!
Check out my social network:

I'm your typical dane, with one dream. To be able to express myself through art as my own job.
I'm going to use this patreon for not only this but also to share and get myself a nice community. Though art is what I love and feel secure around, I will also have some small projects from time to time depending on what the community want or what I feel like. Those small projects could be mods for games, art projects, game development, anything that would seem interesting.

All the money will go to something that can sustain me and my work.

You might be wondering, what I do.
Well let me tell you, I am an artist, I mostly do 3D art, but also a little photography once in a while is lovely!

Here is a little example of what I do:

Up High

Piece of Mind

I take my art very seriously, as I am chasing my dream day and night to achieve my goals! I certainly think you can help with that! Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Small Projects
There are no current projects, though the $5 Patreons can vote and come with suggestions on my next project.

Big Projects
I'm currently working on a rpg-sim game using the ren'py engine. The game is called Hearthome, where you, the player plays lord of a small house in fantasy world. In such a harsh world, you must make alliances and play by the rules with honor or be ruthless taking down anyone opposing your house.

$0 of $100 per month
Further the patreon rewards. WIth more patreon more options open such as discord server for patreon to ask me questions or polls
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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