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As a grandmaster you get to read 1 chapter ahead + a mention to your name corresponding to the story you sponsored.


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you get acces to two chapters or moreahead+ you get to name a character based on your preferences.

limit to chapters to read is removed.


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You get to read all chapters that are currently available+

You get to name one of the Grand duke or a Duke , Marquis who are the rulers of the demons, they are like royalty +you may inclufe your own powers/abilities

or Create an item/weapon.

(said weapon cannot be wielded by the main character) 

and include it in the story.

(for this reward the owner needs to contact me in order to arrange for this so it will not impact negatively on the story)




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About Nimero

Patreon: Our way to walk this long road

We are the makers of the novel Gamer's Godship, and are a team composed of Nimero (or Nim) and SpaceMonkeyJJ (or JJ).
This is a first for both of us wether we are proofreader, editors, writers and all that stuff.
Initially we started this patreon to host a website for Nim to publish his novels, but decided that we will use it as the base for every operation that we will start.

For every project we do we want you to be part of it by being a patreon and enjoying all the rewards it brings.

$5 of $400 per month
Less Stress: well it would help Nim to have more time to write and improve his writing. Hire an editor to fix all my previous mistakes and the incoming ones. Release more chapters per week , get my own cover art for the novel, etc.
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