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is creating pictures of creatures and places that don't exist

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Hi everyone, this is Valentina Baric aka Nimphradora and Zehai Liu aka Zeddartha, we live and make art together in Zagreb Croatia. 

So... Who are you?

I started drawing when I was a kid, and was very inspired by fairytales, and that's where my affinity for mythical creatures and dragons comes from. Nowadays I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi novels, and listen to podcasts about mysteries and legends while I draw. My goal is to make art that inspires people, and give them a sense of wonder.

I went to art highschool, but was self taught while going to (non-art) college. Eventually I dropped out of college to pursue a freelance illustration career.

I love growing plants, my balcony is full of them, and I have two cats, whom I'm constantly trying to keep from ravaging my poor plants.

I'm shy and get nervous with the prospect of talking to people, most of the time I stay home and play games instead of going out and partying.

I doodled in class simply because classes were boring, the idea of making a living from art never even occurred to me until I finished highschool and found myself at a complete loss about what to do as a career.

I took a few leaps of faith, going into debt to go to school for different game art courses, and ended up working in various places, big game companies, animation schools, small film studios, eventually ending up here in Zagreb as a freelancer.

Now-adays we work as a team, giving each other ideas, inspiration, feedback and critiques, which makes our works better and the process more fun.

What are you doing here?

Every dollar of your support goes directly maintaining our livelihoods, to paying bills and putting food on the table.

This enables us to dedicate ourselves more to our art.

We started drawing because when we were kids we saw art that gave us a sense of mystery and wonder, and opened up our imaginations, and now we'd like to do the same, to be independent and make our own art.
art that gives others that same sense of wonder and inspires them to realize their own creativity.
Art that makes other people happy and put a smile on their faces.

What do I get?

We'd like to think that when you support us, you're supporting the artists for who we are as much as what we do, so in return we'd like to give you a glimpse into our lives, our creative endeavors and our struggles. 

You'll get finished artworks only for our patrons, and not published anywhere else.
You'll get a peek at the entire range of our creative process, from reference and inspirational images, to loose sketches and scribbles, to rough paintings and style explorations, all the way to the final result. 

You can join our private discord channel to chat with us, or join us on a twitch stream or google hangout where we create art, chat and answer your questions. We'll also take this time to thank every supporter by name and have your name in the end credits of every video and monthly supporter thank you image.

We'll send out physical goodies like mini prints, sketchbook pages to new patrons upon sign up, and to all patrons upon reaching our earning goals. 

Lastly, tthanks for checking us out and supporting us! It means a lot and we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts!
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