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-This Tier is for those to show support for our Discord Server and 9-Knows Bot Development. 

-Dollars will go towards Boosting Server for More 9-Neins Emoji and other Server Boost Stuff. 

- Receive Notifications of New Releases for Nine Neins.  

-Our Most Sincere Gratitude!!
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-Everything we do we offer for Free.

-Website, -Archive, -Discord, -Bot, -Game, -Resources, -Code, etc. 

-Whether a Dollar or 5 of them, every little bit helps.

-Censorship has def taken its toll as has Monetary solutions so everything is deeply appreciated. 
Limited (250 remaining)
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-Access to current builds, technical demos, and beta versions! Don't want to wait for the next public release? Pledge this amount to check out the game before anyone else! We compile builds as often as possible.
(Offer Once Beta Officially Released)

-Ethereum(CryptoCurrency) is preferred  knowing Patreon will eventually take this down. 


Patreon is not officiated by Nine-Neins.

Due to censorship, uncertainty, and no Guarantee of the platform.
No Purchase of any kind is accepted from/on the Patreon Platform.

Please Do Not Pledge.
Please Do Not consider Patreon a Nine-Neins Platform.
Patreon is NOT a Distribution, Update, or anything for Nine-Neins.
Patreon is solely for a Web-Presence for Nine-Neins.
Nothing more, Nothing Less .

For more Information about NineNeins, Joining the Nine-Neins team, or Contributing - Please Visit: (Mobile)
or (Browser)
Thank You.
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