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About René Barr

Thank you for your interest in my Patreon program! I have wanted little more from life than to be a dedicated artist. Unfortunately, it is difficult to succeed in the arts industry outside of commercial jobs and even more difficult to get ahead. My income is modest and limited to freelance work, but as a stay-at-home mother, my time is also in limited supply.

This is where you come in! Even at a dollar a month, you are contributing to this income so I am not so reliant on commission work. I will have time to experiment and develop. I hope to entertain and enrich the lives of others through my art. When you pledge, you become part of this creative process and I will give back in every way that I can. Thank you for your time!

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If I can get a reliable $200 a month, this will be a great contribution to my household income, covering about half of our grocery cost or new clothes for quickly-growing kids.
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