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Want to support my work? The Mini Mushroom will help me continue what I do and will be much appreciated! You will receive access to the MIDI files of my piano arrangements for you to keep.

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Want to request a specific arrangement to be made? The Super Mushroom will allow you to request an arrangement to be made, whether it's from a video game or something else! You will also benefit from the MIDI files access from tier 1. This will greatly support my work and allow me to continue doing what I love.

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Want to seriously support my work!? The Mega Mushroom is the highest reward tier and includes all of the rewards from the tiers below, including a special shoutout on my youtube channel to say thank you!



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Hey Everyone!
This is the official Patreon for NintenMusic. Every bit of support will make a huge difference in my work and will help me make the best musical arrangements possible, for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to check out the rewards below and show your support!