is creating animated encounter maps for tabletop games
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Merchant Alliance
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  • Access to png still images of maps and other content.
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Adventurers Guild
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Order of the Knights
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About NioNko

Welcome to our Patreon page!

We are a team of two brothers who creates animated maps.
Our target is to create maps that look as good as scenes from best fantasy movies or TV shows and every new map bringing us closer to this target. We want to give players and DMs something they have never had before. It will be a tough journey with a lot of mistakes to correct, new stuff to learn, and a satisfaction from every new step towards the goal.

Creating process
All maps created using computer graphic and visual effects. We mostly using Blender for rendering. It usually takes us anywhere from 7 to 15 days to create a map or map pack. Our goal is to create as much content for the community as possible but quality is a number one priority. It normally varies between 2-3 maps or map packs per month. Sometime we could produce less or more. It depends on project’s difficulty. We are not bounding ourselves to schedule, but as soon as we are satisfied with a creation’s quality, it's posted straight away!

Where your money goes
When you are subscribing to us you are helping our journey to continue. Become part of it and you will not be disappointed.

I am glad that you found our Patreon page!

Thank you!!!

How to extract map files from archive (.rar):

You can watch our creations on
$55 of $100 per map
I will be able to get higher quality textures to improve my creations.
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