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About Nitsua (Austin Ruthven)

Hello everybody, Austin Ruthven here, and welcome to my Patreon!

This patreon will be for my gaming channel NitsuaGamer on YouTube and my original films.

I am an inspired filmmaker who hopes to evolve the film industry with stories that tackle personal subject matters and create a web series about various dilemmas. I am currently working on short films that will connect to the world of my upcoming web show, and these short films will be available to patreon supporters. My goal is to create a web series and become an ongoing writer and director.

I also love video gaming and play a lot of them on NitsuaGamer on YouTube. NitsuaGamer covers let's plays, live action video logging, reviews, and countdowns. My goal for NitsuaGamer is to have daily uploads and tackle subject matters within gaming, through countdowns, reviews, and editorials. And the availability to collab with bigger names on YouTube.

If you become a patreon, you will be able to have your name in the credits of NitsuaGamer videos, original films, and have access to videos such as Q&As, behind the scenes, and even the films themselves.
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