Pete R Njenga

is creating his Mang'u High School and JKUAT University Memoirs.

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This gets you the inside scoop at what 'cut' both at Mangu High School back in the mid 90s, and at JKUAT in the new millenium. This from a Manguman with an amazingly vivid memory and a shocking eye for detail.

You also get to read a comprehensive and nostalgic article here every fortnight, a good number of which are exclusively for Mangumen or JKUAT comrades... stuff too hot to include in the final books!

Get this regular, early access content tailored just for you... Why wait for a book that's coming out in January 2020, when you can read the more interesting stuff right here, right now?

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With this generous donation, you'll be the first to not only read truly exclusive pieces about Mangu High and JKUAT, but get to hear and see people talk about these places we spent the most formative years of our youthful lives in - fellow students who were with us. Staff members who interacted with and shaped our lives. Our teachers and it.

For Mangumen, I bet you wanna hear from Mama Njugu or various School Captains. We'll even hear from DH Ninjas, guys who chewed piD all the time and even those who came in for "bash" but later made it in life. Even our School Captains will get to deliver one more "Good morning school..." speech here.

As for JKUAT comrades, how about a word from people like Prof Uppal, Dean of Students or Mr 'ODE' Humphreys? Cool JKUSO officials like Biggie, Igwetz or Adrian Ouma? Even the "Babaroa 10k" veterans and 1st Class Honors graduands? And that's not all, we may even feature anonymous exclusives from those whose hostel lives regularly featured "exile.".

(But these persons have got to be alive and well, I ain't gonna make any contact through a medium!)

You're about to relive your High School and University days like never before.




Life in High School, College or University makes up the most formative years of your life.
Teenage and early twenties are the years when you experience the most noticeable physical changes, emotional transformation and psychological growth.

For many, this is the time you're most impressionable and vulnerable, as you make choices and decisions that affect the rest of your adult life.

In school, we lived in communities - fellow students, our teachers and lecturers, non-teaching staff in academic institutions, the people who inhabited areas around the school, college or University we attended, and our administrators.

These people had a profound effect on how we saw the world and more importantly, how we continue to view ourselves and those around us in later years.

I schooled at Mangu High School between 1995 and 1998 when I sat my KCSE examination. In the year 2000, I proceeded to JKUAT, for a five year stay that was scheduled to end in December 2004 but ended in April 2005. Our graduation ceremony was in July 2005.

The running theme in both my memoirs is the dreams I had of my life when I joined Form 1 West in 1995, and how this had changed by the time I graduated magna cum laude with a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering in mid 2005.

The stories in my memoirs feature accounts of the people, places and events that have so far shaped my life, the best I can recall them.
In situations where people did or said things that may not be all too pleasant to be associated with as adults, I have taken the liberty to fictionalize the person/s. I have, however, stayed true to the events as they happened.

Unless otherwise stated, all places, situations and events mentioned in these memoirs are based on historical fact.

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The stated goal of this writing is to offer a non-official documentation of the people, places, situations and events that shaped our lives both in school and beyond.

Attaining the $100 per month goal will facilitate and ensure a consistent presence on the web writing, researching and engaging with you across social networks and other fora where we engage and share ideas.

Given our shared past, this will foster the development of, and realization of goals for common good, such as investment ideas, and the welfare of fellow students.
We were brothers of the same struggle as we grew up, we can always look out for, stand with and uplift those among us that life hasn't dealt a very fair hand.
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