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is creating A Graphic Novel, Prints and Conceptual Illustrations

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I'm assisting my father with his Patreon, and writing his bio for him as well, but I've been attempting to get my father to post his work online for years. He's hesitated for so long...but now it’s time.
My father, David Oram, is a long time art lover, who was born in the UK, spent his youth delivering bread and winning a London art competition in 1972 (he even has a piece in the Valence house Museum) He moved to Canada when he was 17, and due to needing a job, he put his passion for art on the back burner, and went on with life, marrying his lovely wife, and having a single daughter (me!)
He's always been a lover of art, and he's always supported me through my own adventures through my creativity, but he's denied himself that!

My father has been working  on a comic-book concept that he's had as an idea for at least 30 years. n-jinnXA is a Sci-fi graphic novel, set in the 2200's, involving a big, diverse cast of protagonists; motivated men; strong female characters; artificial intelligences and determined antagonists; in a story that spans the solar system, from Mercury to Sedna and everything between.
   If you love space, exotic technologies (and their consequences) and attention to detail, you'll enjoy this comic (My father has taken the time to make the star backgrounds as accurate as possible for the story's epoch [he's such an astronomy geek]).

After several years of delay due to addressing responsibilities to family and friends (life...right?), my father is now able to focus completely on this work. n-jinnXA, Book One: The Arc You Cut, is in the digital production stage right now (he was initially hesitant to start on the computer until he had become familiar with the required apps) after two years of intensive pencil-layouts, character development and editing dialogue. It is anticipated that it will take a period of adjustment to get up to speed and refine the necessary work-flow, so the upcoming months will see posts of this transition from the conceptual to the finished work, with a tentative book release date in early 2021.

Any Patreon support will be going towards production costs, bills in general and the further development of the n-jinnXA universe.
  It will be quite the ride.

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