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Battle: LA Tier
per month
Bad, but not the worst.

  • A genuine thank you on stream
  • Vote on polls for long plays, posted every few months (included in higher tiers)
Includes Discord rewards
WH40k Firewarrior Tier
per month
Okay we're getting bad now!

  • An even more genuine thanks!
Includes Discord rewards
Zelda 2: Adventure of link Tier
per month

This is finally getting to top tier palace theme levels.


  • A genuine thank you on stream
  • Pick a game for a single stream each month, generally 2-4 hours.
Includes Discord rewards




per month

About Dr_Njitram

I play a lot of games, bad and good ones.
And a whole, whole lot of zelda.
I play bad shooters, going through all the zelda games in chronological order and some grand strategy sprinkled in between.

I post polls here every month, where people can vote for an fps or an rts to play, choosing between games they can suggest and ones i put on there; these are accesible for all patreons.
$14 of $50 per month
I can buy even more terrible consoles that I stream in glorious 240p resolution!
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