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Gotta start somewhere, right? With this you'll gain access to my Patreon only feed (just like everybody else who does their first goal) where you can see what's going on in my life and what I'm working on. You will also have access to download some of the other songs that I have reserved from download on Soundcloud.
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Well, all of you are, but I just want you to never have a doubt! Get acces to the above rewards as well as the ability to see some of my unfinished projects and little ditties I make at random (kinda like ringtones, but not really).
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What is a frijole? I don't know! What I do know is that you will get access to the afore mentioned rewards and you will get to vote on a type of song I should try to create for this month. It'll (probably) be about 60 seconds. You will also get access to some of my project files* that you can mess around with.

*All files will be in Garageband.




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About Noah Eberwein

Hi there! My Name is Noah Eberwein. I'm a theater student who loves to entertain. One of those ways is through music. I LOVE making music! Here at school, I'll act in a film major's film and then write the music for it!

How I Started
I've always liked messing around with music. Apparently I was a very musically inclined child back in the good ol' days of not paying bills. Ah... that was the life... Anyways, I used to always mess around on the piano, sing, and I always liked the guitar despite not being able to play it. I would even turn my birthday presents into a drum set. (let's be real though, who hasn't done that in at least one point in their life?) When I was 13, my friend introduced me to video game making. I liked it a lot, but I wanted to be original about everything I did, so I started trying to compose my own music. Since then, my love of video game creation has faded quite a bit, but music became an ever growing part of my life. for the past 6 years, I've been writing music and teaching myself how to better myself. I've never taken music theory, or any other class that would teach me how to make music, but apparently I do good.

Why are you here?
So here we are. I'm in college now writing music both for fun and for other student's projects. If I'm doing all this, why do I need a Patreon? Well. I know what it's like to think something is cool and not have it or be able to get it, so I like to put my stuff out there for free. Having a Patreon is like having a tip jar where the person you're tipping gives you some extra desert 'cause you're so nice. You don't have to, but it really helps me. Who knows, maybe we'll have a good time!

What kind of stuff will make this worth my while?
Good question. As you can see in the column to the right, there's a list of what may interest you.
You'll be able to access
     - A Patreon only feed where you'll get to see what's going on in my life both musically and non
     - Downloadable access to ALL my posted songs
     - Access to unheard (and often unfinished) songs that I've made
     - Editable files for you to mess with what I've already started
     - Vote on what unfinished songs I should complete or challenge me to create a new one
     - Behind the scenes awesome sauce! Seriously... It'll be awesome.

Why else you say? Cause please?

$1 of $1 per creation
Cause, you know, I'm tryin to be all ambitious and what not.
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