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Become a co-commentator and talk with me! You will receive an invite to my private discord server where you can become featured in my videos. You will be able to help decide on future videos, and make a huge impact.
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This helps me a lot! Thank you. With this you will be listed in the description of every video as a proud patreon and General of the panda squad. Plus all of the previous rewards!
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Thank you so much for this! This will let you have even more say in what happens with the channel and let you really feel as you are a part of this. You will also be in a scrolling list at the top of every video  in the end screen :)




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Thank you for coming to my patreon page! Before you leave, let me tell you why I have created this page. I am a budding youtuber, 300 subscribers and counting(had 200 only 2 weeks ago!). In order to continue progressing in this career, I need better equipment. I cant exactly afford the things I NEED to continually bring you guys better content! A better microphone, webcam, and a 3DS capture card are all on the list so that I can bring you guys the highest quality content that NoahTh3PandaTank has to offer.
Donating will help me grow my channel and provide better entertainment for the people. 
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Wow! A real camera? Now I can START recording facecam videos that you can actually see my face in not terrible quality!
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