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I go under the name of Nokzen on YouTube, and I've been making gaming videos on Youtube with No Commentary. I do this because I sometimes feel that its nice to not have some "funny" guy yelling in my ear and ruin the experience and atmosphere of the game, Sometimes its good with commentaries aswell, but i want to deliver the alternative.
I post a new video every day (Sometimes more), ranging from Horror, to Platformers, to random Trailers of Upcoming games i find interesting, and that think my audience find interesting too. I love creating videos for people to enjoy, and I genuinely enjoy the process of it all as well. I want to continue to keep doing what I have been doing, except I want to get better and do more. To do this, I need your help!

Why Patreon?
The goal of my channel is to be self-sufficient and allow me to pursue my dream of content creation. YouTube Currently demonetize almost all my videos cause of them not being ad friendly and being a very small channel i'm not earning close to enough to do anything special with it. With Patreon, I can have a consistent stream of support to help fuel my channel.

What does my money go towards?
Your support goes directly into what is needed to run my channel, both in terms of what you see, and what you do not. Things such as, Upgrading Hardware to make sure i can provide quality videos of all kind of games, buying games to show on the channel, would love to have more AAA games aswell, I still need to be on the look out for the latest games releasing on Steam.
My goal is also to get consoles, to get videos up of those exclusive titles coming. You support goes directly into keeping things behind the scenes working, as well as what you see online. More and Better giveaways would be awesome too.

Once you become a Patron, you're done. Patreon will charge you between the 1st and 5th of every month. If you ever want to stop supporting my channel, you can simply stop.

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I will Have 1 Private Giveaway for Patrons each month
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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