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About Nólanis

My name is Nólanis.

I'm a musician, a songwriter, a singer, and an artist. I'm also a gamer and a roleplayer, a critic and a creator, a nerd (or geek, however you define those), trying to live my life to the fullest between my day job and the passion for music. At the beginning, it was nothing but a hobby. Today, it's a little bit more than that.

Interested in hearing more? Patrons get access to music videos a week before they're published anywhere else, exlusive previews, insights and commentary on my work and all sorts of other cool stuff - graphics, downloads, sneak peeks, photos, updates, live events... so if you like what I do, consider supporting my work, there's more where it came from!

So... how does this whole Patreon thing work?

Once you've registered with Patreon, you can pledge any amount of money for each new song I release. You can choose as little a $1 or as much as you want (but don't feel pressured to give me money if it's going to put any strain on you!)
Then, every month, Patreon will check how many big, paid updates I made. This will only include final releases with cover art and everything, you know, the real deal - and that rarely happens more often than once a month. In the meantime, you have access to most updates, previews, snippets, demos and other materials published here for all patrons. You can adjust or cancel your pledge at any time, and set a monthly cap so that you aren't overcharged if it's a particularly bountiful month. And if nothing happens and there isn't an update during the month, then staying updated won't cost you a thing!
Take a look around, read up and see what other creators are here, before you decide. There's no rush, I'll continue making the music and releasing it to Youtube for free - albeit a little bit later than here.

By pledging $1 or more per music video you'll get updates about the progress I make on the upcoming songs. And if there are any other events to which I'll attend or partake in, I'll notify you about that, too!
By pledging $3 or more, you'll get to read about the creative process any my thoughts on past and future songs. You'll get to listen and watch music videos a week before they're published on Youtube.
Bigger pledges won't get you anything extra just now, but I'm planning on preparing something more for the most dedicated patrons. Stay tuned, I'll let you know as soon as that happens!

Oh, and if you're already a patron...

Let me just say you're awesome and I'm really glad that you like my work. Stay amazing! :)
$1 of $300 per video
When we reach this goal, I will release my first album and every patron will receive a signed digital copy.
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