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You will recieve lots of luv, a spot on the contributors list on my channel
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Luv, a spot on the contributors pannel on my channel - the right to vote for what i cook in my Cooking stream - Saturday/Sunday under the Creative twitch Channel. If there are several people eligible to vote, i will make a list of 5 foods and you will decide what i cook/eat that day - no matter how crazy it is, i will try to prepare it on stream
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All of the above perks, plus my personal skype - so you can terrorize me day n night (jk) In future i will pick a day and the people who contributed 5 dolars or so will have the opportunity to tell me what game i play that day ( doesnt matter what the game is, aslong as i have it on steam or on the other platforms)




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About Noobcleaver

Why ? A big question. I never quit. Although ive been thru very hard times- in life and streaming wise, i never give up. This is what what 12 years of basketball made me realise- only the competitive ones survive. I won't stop infront of any obstacle, and i hope you like this mind set. I only have your  support and the support of a few family members. Helping in any amount will be amazing. Why do I need you to support me ? Because i want to continue to do what i love - entertaining people !
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При наличието на един малко по-стабилен доход, бих могъл да бъда доста по-продуктивен и концентриран. Това не означава че при недостигане на тази цел няма да бъда такъв, но  допълнителното спокойствие би ми дошло добре във трудния момент във който се намирам
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