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This tier guides you from only receiving to actively participating with the energies of the Cosmos. When energy begins to flow both ways with heart and intention, we eneter into a sacred, conscious relationship with the cosmos. 

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About Nora Cabrera

We are entering into a new era. This new era calls us to create and cultivate our OWN relationship with the Divine as well as to actively participate in a conscious and embodied dismantling of the the structures of patriarchy. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and the times of giving our spiritual authority and power over to someone else are over. This is part of the transition from the Piscean era into the era of Aquarius. Our calling is to both do this work within ourselves as well as within our communities. The Divine Feminine is reawakening and we must do our own work with all expressions and aspects of her- not just the “love and light” parts. We are being called to courageously face and then excavate through the wounds and traumas of the landscapes of our lives and hearts to heal & to honor the Divine Goddess within each of us; to bring healing to the relationship between the Divine Feminine and the Devine Masculine within ourselves.

My offers through Patreon are to help bring healing and a deeper understanding of how to work with the current planetary energies in a conscious way. As Carly Jung said,

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

About the Offerings

My particular & specific work weaves my oracular skills together with my astrological and Human Design chart reading expertise. Information is not wisdom. My work is taking in, distilling and producing a sacred nectar through writing, meditations and rituals so that what everyone in this community has is something tangible to work with. The "Tier Offerings" are about helping you to create & cultivate an embodied, personal relationship with spirit in your physical reality. 

I currently work with individual clients through Soul Wisdom astrology/Shamanic Healing sessions in order bring healing, belonging, wholeness, full expression and authentic power into their lives.
Thank you for your courage and commitment to be a part of these changing times and to honor your own self-healing journey.

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