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I run Country Sports TV and try and find thing of interest to video, decoying pigeon to repair old guns and interesting demos at country show like the CLA Game Fair

I also have political interests, My government has banned pistols and tighter control of knives has and will affect me personal. That got me into looking into the NWO and trying to find out what it is all about. 

Why is it called the Zider Party? I was campaigning against the government putting an extra 10% tax on cider. In the USA you have the Tea Party for lower taxes and less government control so I called it the Zider Party. How not come up with any thing better yet.

I would like to do some more traveling and interview people of interest and I need some better equipment and this all this takes money. I'm only trying to get my expanses paid, then I can do more. 

If you like the videos and have a few spare pounds please become a patron and help me make more videos.

Thank you for helping me
Ian Summerell

$0 of $50 per month
To help repair my PC and travel expanses to the CLA Game Fair.
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