is creating MMO emulator in C#

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For those who don't know me i'm the creator of OpenNos project.
I am here today to talk about a new project : this project will be split in two parts. NosCore is an Open Source emulator in c# (dotnet core 2.0) using dotnetty/web api/ Entity Framework.

Opposite to OpenNos
NosCore will:
- be working on Linux
- handle a lot more Users
- use a lot less ressources
- be test driven
a website to create a pserver without any installation requirement. this website will be based on .Net core MVC6 and will allow you to create a NosCore Server just by editing the config file for rates (server specific) and clicking running.

The price of your server will depends on the amount of users you wan't to handle.
Every server errors will be log to allow us to fix them easily.
Every update of the Github will create an update of your server and you will have a button to Update and Restart your server. NosCore.IO will handle its own test pserver in order to let you make tests.
This system will be handle with AWS, Travis, Docker. Note: if you like this project a patreon page will be done to help its development.
Every gift/contribution will give you promo codes on the website if the project works.

the discord of the project :
the github of the project :
the futur website :

Why do we need money ? 
Development of the project have a cost. Most of our testing system will be expensive but it increase a lot our productivity.
- Github subscription (private repository for website / bots ) => 25$/month
- AWS subscription (testing environments) => 0 to 25$/month
- Octopus (deployment system) => 10$/month
$22.64 of $100 per month
We are creating a demo of a noscore server
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