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A big thank you too all contributors! Those who contribute at least a dollar will receive updates prior to the actual release on Patreon and be able to read over content before anyone else can.
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About Nostalgic Moon

What are we doing?
Nostalgic Moon is a small group aiming towards making indie video games to entertain those who are interested in our area of work. Our core and initial development is HomeTown, a constantly expanding game, and we're aiming towards providing additional content whether as part of HomeTown or other projects.
Why Patreon?
Any way to expand the reach of our games and develop more and more followers to help us shape our games is a beautiful concept on it's own. With your help, we can develop the content we would like to show to the world. With enough time and effort, anything can be possible!
What is HomeTown?
HomeTown was the first video game idea that we came to; however, we've began three smaller projects with only one being completed. We're dedicating a lot more time with this project compared to all of the others and are hoping to see it rise to it's peak potential. HomeTown is a game where you grow. You make money and build a better house. Start from the bottom and build your way up! The more you grow; the more the town grows!
HomeTown is going to feature a great many different systems such as needs, jobs, town expansion, complete house customization, character customization, and plenty of in-game leisure activities! We enjoy the experience of developing this game greatly!
The Developers:

Mark Lauck (EtherealSilence)
Project Leader, Artist, Concept Writer, Level Designer

(Dancing Pillows)
Co-Leader, Programmer
Extra Information:
Link to current version of our game?
[email protected]
Our WordPress:
Thanks for reading!

We hope you enjoy HomeTown! It is your HomeTown afterall!
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We'll feature an update where we work on many unique types of skins for all of our furniture! This will add even more diversity to the development of households.
The types of skins will be held by a vote from our patrons, and the top five skins will be implimented into the game.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts