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is creating Chars FUll HD mugen, Open bor and sprites.




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About Nostalgic studio

Always want to be a game producer, so in May 2018, decide to invest in my dream, and by starting from the bottom, I started with the free engines, mugen, open bor, and the graphics so far.
I'm at Patreon because I need your encouragement to continue motivating my truck and creating high quality 3D and 2d models and sprites. Studies and investments in courses are constant, and daily and I already have some knowledge in some tools, such as 3ds max, marvelous design, photoshop, unreal engine, game maker, mugen, among others. I have also worked in the animations and renderings of 3d models converted to 2d, and some in cell shading models.

Why support me?

The process of game creation, however simple, takes time and resources. It also requires focus, motivation and goal. To keep my goal in doing, manipulating the static and so on, I need a motivation. And that motivation includes keeping my resources (Course Classes, PC, Internet and energy cost) and valuing my time. This may seem opportunistic or selfish, but I love what I do and I do what I love ♥

Why per month?

I would love if there was an option on Patreon for creative and month goals, so my clients could choose their best way to support me, but as I am constantly working, there is no sense and no reason to demand for creative.
That's it for now! If you like my work, consider supporting me here so I can continue this work :) Follow me on Deviantart, Youtube and facebook and keep in touch about my other content!

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