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Hi. My username is Ryu, some people calls me Ryukn (Ryu kun) and some stuff, but most of the time they call me Ryu.
Some inf about me,
I'm just a young student I'm in my 20's. Computer student.
I tried to kill myself few times, as you can see I live in a kind of third-world country which doesn't have enough jobs for people like me, my life is hard and complicated.
I was trying to finish my studies, but due some problems I need a job to maintain it. I need money and many resources, what kind of resources? Yeah, I know that someone of you will wonder about it so.
(PC Parts is good for me, I can earn and build better rig and replace this old-slow laptop)
Computer students in here most of them have an stable job, but compared to me, someone with a dark past like me, like things that I don't really want to explain, but I'll give some details about so.
Dark past like having an alcoholic dad that arrives home drunk and starts hitting to your mom, it gives me depression and tried to kill me few times because I think, don't really know that much if he hates me, but I don't really pay attention to him, he can go and fuck himself. If he wants helps from me, I'm sure that I will help. but not too much.
My mom right now is okay.
But I'm currently terrible. I want to help them if I get a good job or something also included that I want to finish my career at college too.
Some help will be also appreciated.

that's all, thanks for reading.
$0 of $200,000 per month
This probably gonna help me with my studies.
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