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Hey, I just wanna watch.... 

And That's OK!

We know, sometimes you don't wanna get all fanboy (or girl! or them!) all over someone... you just want the most passing of commitments- or maybe cash is not really a thing you have much OF but you want to support us all the same!

We Love ALL our Niblings!

Quiet Voyeurs get first-video access just like everyone else, because we LOVE you guyz! You're family.


(wait, was that too much? okay, I'll tone it down. my bad.)

Can't Look Away
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Sometimes life is like a trainwreck, you just can't look away. I know it, we're just that cool... or horrible. One of those!

At this level, You get first-video access just like everyone else, because we LOVE you guyz! You're family.... HUGZ!! (I can't help myself. I can't.)

You ALSO get our super-duper, MASS Appreciation and LURVE.

That sweet, sweet lurve takes the form of special access to posts, updates, and the occasional poll about upcoming ideas for Not Your Uncles! 

Also, 10 bucks is like a quarter of a tank of gas, I'm just sayin'... that's pretty cool! WOW, you guyz!! You ROCK!

We're Buds Now
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At this level, You get first-video access just like everyone else, AND you get those special-access posts, update and polls for upcoming ideas for Not Your Uncles...

But you know what else?


Best Chatting, EVAR.

This is your chance to hang out online with The Uncles, Jim and Dave, and probably some of their friends and family to boot! 

It isn't for just an hour, either- I mean, what would be the fun in THAT? But once a week, for a few hours, and on different days, different times of the day or night- so /everyone/ has a fighting chance to make it... we will host on Discord, in an exclusive INSOMNIAC DEN chat venue, Just. For. YOU. 

(and everyone else at a higher tier than this, coughcough)

SO. Fabulous!

Come hang out with us!

We're Buds Now!




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About Uncle Dave

NOT Your (usual) Uncles...

Hey, everyone loves to Travel, and we'd all like to see every little spot that catches our eye along the way! Of course, we don’t have the time or energy, not to mention lifespan- for that... so we rely on one another, and the big ‘ol Internet for that! We’ve got some traveling to do, and we want to welcome you to come along. We’d like to share all the weird places as well as the amazing sights we find along the way, and we hope you, in turn, will suggest places we might not have considered having a look at!

This world is so much bigger than one person can see, and a WHOLE lot weirder than I for one, ever imagined. No.. Really. Seriously. It’s pretty weird out there. ...alright, you can laugh, but I’m telling you- this one time... oh heck, that's why you're here, right? To come WITH us!
Patreon members become the hallowed family of the Uncles- helping to decide on the stops and video sites we choose, as well as ideas for things to buy along the way- things which can then be mailed right out to YOU, the Patreon family Member!

Niblings (That's YOU!) on Patreon get to view videos first, you have input into future trips and plans along the way, AND you have access to postcards and silly souvenir gift tiers to boot!

Also.... special tickets to raffles or prize opportunities NO other fans can have access to. EVAR!

YOU make these journeys possible, and without you, these two Uncles would have a (slightly) less weird life.

Join Us. We have cookies.

And a van.
...wanna get in the van with us?

(No, wait, that was weird. Stop... rewind... edit out that van thing... okay, Jim? ...yeah, Okay, much  better. We got this- Publish it!)

$14 of $100 per month
When we reach $100 a month, we will invest it in a small go-pro style camera, with a body harness!

Imagine the fun of taking you along, literally!

We can take you on a theme park ride!

You could float down the Lazy River!

We could put a cyclopic doll head over it and pretend to have a parasitic twin we're finally free to show the world to! ...okay wait, No... no, that's not cool, We're not doing that. No. Not Cool, Dave!

Okay, but we WANNA do the camera-on-us part!

Shaky-hand-cam is for people without a waterproof go-pro thingy! I wanna waterproof-go-pro-thingy!

Let's DO this Thing!

100 bucks a month in pledges! Whooot!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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