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Hello everyone,

October 1, 2017 changed countless lives, including my own.  What happened that night?  No seriously, what happened that night?  That is what I want to know, that is what the victims deserve to know, that is what the American public should know !!  Because of the massive cover-up regarding the events that night, my eyes were opened & "I got woke".  Better late than never, right?!  I am laser focused on uncovering any & all truths from that horrific night, I literally feel compelled on a daily basis to take action.  I have been listening to scanner traffic from that night for about 4 months now.  I have 6 different command centers radio traffic.  I have listened to so much that I discovered they were speaking in code much of the time.  Through pattern recognition & cross referencing the different command centers, I was able to break much of the code.  Breaking this code has made the real story that night start to emerge, it's not pretty but neither are the "voluminous" amounts of lies that we have gotten from the LVMPD & the FBI.  I am working tirelessly to break more & more of the code & present it to the public.  We all deserve the truth!! 
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