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Welcome to my patreon page! :)
I base my Art mostly on Steampunk, Fantasy, and imperial/medieval.
But I love combinding different styles together, to create something of my own!

What I enjoy the most, is to create AdventureMaps, Megabuilds, and MiniGames,
Maps you can actually go around and explore, and even play on, free to download!

I will be returning to my Youtube channel to bring you guys animations of my Minecraft adventure maps which will allow you to explore, discover, and adventure with your friends in incredible environments that I create for you.

Bringing high quality Minecraft builds together with animated and rendered videos gives a new aspect to artwork in a 3D world where only your imagination is the limit. I will share my works both finished and unfinished, and try to help give the Minecraft community the best builds possible.
You might even see some of your favorite Minecraft youtubers playing on my maps!

You can find some of my maps free to download here:

Thank you for your support!
You are helping me to continue my dream of creating the best worlds for you all to enjoy! 
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Will start posting all my work related projects exclusively for Patreons!
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