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Hello everyone 😊
My name is Kirk aka (novalionheart) and I'm a comic book artist. I have been drawing since I was a child and I would like to share my style of work and my storys with my patrons. I will be posting images of me working on my drawings and short timelapse videos of me drawing pages. There is always going to be something new to draw so as long as you're a patron, you will receive access to the latest comic pages that i post. 
The first issue of Gauntlet Warriors is all done and is ready to read on WEBTOONS, so feel free to give it a read, like and subscribe.

With your help ill be able to do more print runs of my comic book plus print runs of further comics that i create down the road. I could also purchase the appropriate equipment I need to do live streams and a more up to date computer and better software to edit my prints to make them look perfectly spotless.
Your support and patronage will be very much appreciated. 
Let's bring this comic book series to life...all i need is your support.


The story starts out with the Gauntlet Warrior Champion, Nova, preparing for his next challenge in a tournament, that is held inside the Tokyo Dome...But, lurking in the shadows is Nova's arch-enemy, the possessor of the Black Stone and newly turned Demon...Rendon.
In this first issue, see how Nova gets effected by the dark power of the Black Stone and in future issues see how he deals with the struggle of this evil, as he tries not to let it effect the people closer to him.
Also, follow along Noriko and Leon's journey as they get involved with these gauntlet warrior hero's, going through one tough chellenge to the next.


My name is Kirk Hadfield and i'm a comic book artist from the UK. From a very young age I've been drawing pictures of my favorite characters from comic books, anime shows and movies. I used to create my own little stories and drawing them out in little comic book strips, just for fun.
In 2007, I started to draw portraits, using charcoal. I began building up a portfolio of charcoal portraits of celebrities, which then led me to get requests from clients that wanted their own portrait from a picture that they provided.
I started college late, in 2012, studying art and design. College was a good chance for me to showcase my art skills with a wide range of people and other artists. For a while I took a break from writing my stories and creating mini comics...Instead I set my focus on creating 3D origami sculptures.
After college I went back to drawing my own characters and building up their own stories until I came up with a great idea for a comic book series.
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Better work/studio setup and picture quality for my videos.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts

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