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You're an indispensable part of this reality. Without you, the world would be a dull and boring place with no personality and no color!


  • Access to Novel's Nook, my personal Discord Server to talk about Sunset, writing, shipping and, of course, stories!
  • Access to the Patreon-only channel where you can ask me anything you want about my stories or my plans! (I make no promises on giving you a non-cryptic answer though!)
  • A special Patreon-only role and color on the Nook!
  • My overwhelming gratitude! (Seriously. Thank you.)
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You're a reoccurring character! We seem to see a lot of you around. And I swear I just saw someone who looks just like you with a different mane...


  • All benefits of the previous tier!
  • Early previews of all Wavelengths Cover Art
  • Even more overwhelming gratitude! (EEEEE! You're so awesome!)
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You know what's down in the big city. Even though there's a lot of ponies around here, you stand out in a big way. And not only because you occasionally get a split-second as an alicorn due to an animation error.


  • All benefits of the previous tiers!
  • Access to select incomplete stories I’ve walked away from (and yes, you can poke me to go back to them, though I'm not promising I will!)
  • Access to early drafts of currently-published stories
  • Crazy levels of nearly-explosive gratitude! (You're so freaking awesome I'm still squeaking!)
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About Novel Idea

Hi there! I'm Novel and I create things. Usually by writing My Little Pony stories about sprawling new timelines, difficult realities of life and sometimes, just to have fun. I also do cover designs, using existing artwork to create covers of fanfics to use in your favorite ebook reader!

This Patreon was originally created to be a monthly tip jar without any rewards at all. However, life threw a few curveballs at me and, today it's a different story. 

Now, this Patreon exists first to support my family and me as we need to move to a new (and much more expensive) place to live. Second, it's my primary means of commissioning artwork for my various stories.

Any Patreon automatically gets access to my personal Discord server, The Nook, as well as access to a Patreon-only channel (as long as you don't hide in there, you are supposed to mingle with the rest of the server!). Also, that channel is actually in a treehouse, so you know it's cool.

Each tier of my Patreon has a host of different rewards, from getting a free copy of one of my published original short stories to access to getting previews of cover art for upcoming stories!

None of this content is gated and everything will eventually be released to the public, you just get it early!

As far as cover designs, please remember that the work I do is usually based on other people's work. I don't provide the art. I only do the lettering, effects, typography, coloring, shading and some minor design elements. Please go support the artists who pour their souls into these amazing art pieces (and give them more than me!).

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!

-Novel Idea
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You folks are so amazing, I don't even have words. This will help us tremendously in every way. 
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