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The Topaz Benefactor rank is the first Benefactor rank you can obtain with Novus. The rewards are currently being worked on, so currently the only reward is the discord role, with more rewards which will be able to be applied on all servers run by the Network.

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  • Discord role: Indium
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Gaming is beginning to shift away from communities, and much closer to "games as a service", and if you look around at games like minecraft and starmade, servers are beginning to wink out like dying stars in the night sky. And the ones that remain are not showing any ambition, instead limiting a lot of what you can do. I looked at the communities, and saw this happening... And I decided to make a single beacon of light in that ever expanding darkness. And so Novus Galaxy Gaming Network was born. What is our mission, you may ask? Our mission is this: To build a community that pushes the boundaries of what a gaming network is, and to create a universe in which you can tell your own story... Yet which also contains its OWN story. A world in which you can jump in and out of the story as you will, and in which the story will bleed into your expereince, through new themed servers and events that are based in the lore.

Welcome... To the beginning of a gaming network where your creations can not only influence the future, but also the present of the network, and where you can make unique creations that no other server allows you to make.

~Cewkaurai Zok'Aerrus, Founder of Novus Galaxy Gaming Network
$0 of $50 per month
At $50 a month, we will be able to afford not only the current month of cost for the server hosting but ALSO allow us to have some money being put aside for any upgrades we might need.
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