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is creating Custom paintball markers, videos and 3D models

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Hi, my name is Ash, and I am the Numbskull

I run a small business of building custom paintball markers locally. I also run a YouTube channel where I play paintball, make funny videos, and hope to soon create new types of content for my viewers. I am a contributer to the international paintball community, making custom 3D models for individuals or sharing concepts I've developed

I am currently a student studying engineering. I'm passionate about paintball, been involved with the game since I was young. The money will go towards producing better quality content more frequently and going towards supporting my family

In the near future I hope to do more community work, esspecially with my community on Facebook and YouTube, and give back to the people who've stuck by me throughout the years
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Marker Giveaway!

When we hit $500 I'll do a paintball marker giveaway, of which the marker will be negotiated with the winner
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