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Im a man past my 40's who loves designing graphical on my computer, and I was working on a job from freelancer trying to earn a little extra, when my son mentioned, and that I should take a look at it, and what it was.
So here I am.
I have two jobs doing graphical work but only a few hours a week - as there isnt much need for a graphical designer where I live.
I love doing graphical work/design, photo-restoration and occasionally creating mixed/synthesizer music, but for the moment Im learning 3D and started doing illustrations and plain renderings with 3D.
And with that im thinking about making fantasy stories in the future, and I'm still working on the story-line of my first to be fantasy story. Not that important for me if anyone would love it or not, I would just like to give it a try.
Meanwhile I work on my story, I will post other things I have been working on.
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Keeping my family happy and safe can be ;) - otherwise it's creating more rendering and animation work.
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