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About Mid-Knight Artist

Hey there! 

Most people know me as NytedaleGhost on DeviantART, and I either go by my main persona names; Ghost and Quad. 

I've been drawing since I was 4 and have loved it. Got into animation about... Lord knows how long ago! Anywhere from 3-5+ years ago (maybe longer or shorter, it's gone by so fast I can't keep up!) The one thing I know for sure is I love being an artist, building communities, and just really have a passion for creating. 

I currently have an on-going Pokemon comic on my DeviantART titled "A New Sunrise," 
I'm working on finishing some long-time W.I.P. animations, and am constantly trying to post new drawings, paintings, sketches, stuffed animals, etc. whenever I have the chance! Which isn't often. Currently I am a full-time student so funds and time are pretty hard to come by. 

But I'm trying! And there are so many wonderful supporters behind me. <3 I'd love for you to be apart of this journey in anyway you can. :)

Thanks for tagging along!

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Just a small goal to get started! :) 
Looking to buy some new supplies soon, including a new sketchbook and maybe some different markers/pens that'll go towards making some fun stuff for y'all to enjoy!
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