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About Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

Thank You All for making it possible to keep "I AM: A Course in Miracles (ACIM)" running for Ten-Years. 

With it's revived season, experiencing the 365 lessons of "A Course in Miracles" this past 2016-17th year. It has been such a privilege to work with the few thousands of you, and I hope you find the continuation of additional podcasts as engaging and intriguing to participate in.

As many of you long-time listeners know our podcasting-base is continually growing. We have many deep conversations publicly available, such as the growing popular  "False Phophet??? - A New Look on Dogma with Dr. Mark""Who's Asking? - Inquiring the Moment with Rev. Barb". We begin new programs often, such as our brand new "ACIM Fireside with OneFeather".

Every week we touch new existential topics guided by the teacher within. Adding to the  Thousands of hours on a variety of modalities, techniques and metaphors of understanding to naturally support and induce a peaceful, more fulfilled and successful life.

While these are publicly available without cost, the ever in-demand: "A Mystic's Mind - A Guide to Medical Miracles" is NOT.  It's "Chapter"s (One or Two, occasionally more) 60 minute episodes are now only available to patrons of this page. Who are currently contributing at least $22.22 a month or more (and it is stated in the reward). Details about this program are available below, and this link which gives you access to the first introductory episode.

"A Mystic's Mind - A Guide to Medical Miracles"

Medical Intuition involves the acute sensory of a naturally born mystic of their awareness of consciousness's reflection as the spiritual universe, which manifests into the physical reality based on it's resistance and acceptance of what it believes it is capable of.

Medical-Intuition is the practice and use of extra-sensory-perceptions to perceive ones energetic manifested representation (soul) which is "theoretically believed to be" what manifest into symptoms. There are three types of Medical-Intuition. One, uses extra-sensory-perceptions to categorize and diagnose symptoms. Two, the use of extra-sensory-perceptions to recognize subconscious beliefs and emotional habit patterns that manifest into symptoms. Third, is the use of extra-sensory-perceptions to find and prescribe the most helpful remedies, medication or habit changes. This program focuses only on the second.

As a natural born Shaman, Devan Byrne's thoughts have revolved around the attempts to express his natural gift of spiritual-comprehension.... 


Within the rewards, “Conscious Spirit-Coaching” are offered as a private recorded phone sessions to support your current spiritual practice. “Conscious Spirit-Coaching” is designed to be a long term ONE-on-ONE Service of SHAMANIC direction, guidance, personal support & inspiration to eventually induce undeniable first-hand spiritual & multidimensional experiences on a consciously aware level. However phone sessions do not include "Supported & Induced Vision-Quests" which consist of a very intense day, guaranteeing that you consciously experience the spiritual-universe. This Coaching is not for everyone, for it does take a drastic amount of willingness and diligence to brush the edge of death to return and discuss of it.  

Here is a couple samples of the art work spoken of within the rewards. There will be many more to come.

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                           ...and our newest addition!

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