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The Ouroboros Creative Collective creates mesmerizing concert photography and videos. We have unique skill sets that we use to support musicians playing live music!

Shooting and lighting a show takes about 6-8 hours, importing, editing and polishing the images takes about 10 hours, double that for video. Shooting requires an intense familiarity with the live music environment, the amount of brain power we burn while working is tremendous.

You can become an active supporter of our work! We're in the process of creating an independent website to better support local musicians and the arts. Even a small donation will help this photographers union!

The OCC is a DreamMaker project of the Ink People Center for the Arts
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300$ a month would allow us to better support ourselves doing what we love; shooting shows and sharing photos. Our goal is to put out a monthly digital magazine dedicated to illuminating local events and noise makers, this goal is our first step toward realizing that dream.
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