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About Orange County Breeze

Orange County Breeze publishes news of northwest Orange County, California. We have been publishing for August 2011.

We run a flagship website,, and send out a Daily Overnight News Summary (DONS). We publish a printed monthly Dining, Arts, and Entertainment guide (DARTS), distributed locally and available for free download. We also maintain an awesome community calendar and are building an astounding local historical almanac.

Our core coverage area includes the communities of Cypress, Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, Seal Beach, Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos, and Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach.

For that core coverage area, we present city and community news based on in-person reporting. We also publish news releases from the governments and community organizations within that core coverage area.

News about communities touching that core coverage area is mostly sourced from news releases received from those surrounding cities, their governments, and organizations in that geographic area.

If news at a regional, state, or national level is relevant to our little corner of Orange County, we will publish an article highlighting the local angle and interpreting its impact on our communities.

To do all this, we need to pay rent, web server fees, and membership fees -- for a start. We also need such everyday business supplies as postage and printer paper!

Pledges will add to our existing income from local ads and advertising affiliate networks (AdSense and Amazon), filling the role that subscriptions do for larger publications.

Pledges will enable us to launch further services as we discover the needs in our community, including broadening the distribution of our monthly printed entertainment guide, DARTS.

We get the word out about people, places, events, and government actions in northwest Orange County. With patron pledges, our voice can grow louder, and spread the news farther.
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