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Access to the my Patreon only feed. This includes posts for upcoming videos and exclusive videos for my patrons.

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This reward comes with the above tier. This tier nets you a signed energy / land card from either Pokemon tcg or magic the gathering tcg 1 per month.

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You will receive both the above tiers in addition to me sending you a signed booster pack 1 per month!

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About OCybress

What I do:
Join me as we open Pokemon tcg and magic the gathering tgc booster packs, special edition box's, collector box's and even some booster from the start of Pokemon!

What you do for me as a patron:
Provided your patronage I will continue to provide you with quality entertainment. Funds raised from this Patreon page will go to new equipment for my videos as well as purchasing more packs, box's and older packs. Special perks and rewards will be adjusted over time. To better suit my community. 

If you have an idea for a tier let me know! Ill take a look at it and consider it. 

Page intro video in the works.
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I will go purchase a collector box or special box to unbox and open for you. patrons will get the code cards. 
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