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Hi everyone,  OTRAMM is a small Land Cruiser specialty shop in Bealeton, VA.  We started making how to videos as an easy way to post answers to questions people had on the forums.  We figured we were already doing the work we may as well use the time to teach other folks how to do it as well.  Our hope is to get a bit better with each video.  In addition to the cost of video equipment it takes quite a bit of time out of the shop schedule and personal time to shoot and edit the videos.  Any help you could give lets us devote more time to making videos, learning how to make better videos, and upgrade our video equiptment.
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With more support we could purchase a better camera and lighting for shooting videos.  My point and shoot works but something with better auto focus would make for clearer videos.  I really enjoy making the videos but it's hard to justify the cost of new camera equipment in the shop budget :)
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