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About Oat Diary

One day I visited my neighbor’s home, and her two children, one is 10 and the other is 12, showed me their drawings.

Their work was just amazing, they created imaginary monsters that I will never come up with.

That made me think desperately, from when had I lost this imagination power? Has the routine work / social rules ruined my ability to dream?

Is it possible for an adult like me to think like a child again, is it possible for me to rebuild my imagination like the old days in my childhood?

If it’s possible, how?

To find the answer, I decide to do various real-life experiments, and turn them into learning sheets for people who have the same hunger to bring back creativity.

Please allow me to invite you on board, let’s do the experiments together, I believe we all have the power to turn the tables.


I design creative learning sheets for making our creative juices flowing.  

Your support will give me POWER !

I am very keen to know your feedback if you try these materials, enjoy them!

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Create a Daily learning sheet for adults!

The sheet will lead you to :
  • draw something cool
  • cook amazing food
  • write your own novel
  • be very inspirational
  • ..... have a great summer time

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