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About Oath

is a young gaming community with a unique concept and ambitious plans.

The Vision:
The team at Oath is hell-bent on delivering members a honest and professional experience for enjoying games as a community. We want to provide members this experience for all leading massively multiplayer games through our community's myriad of branches that are individually dedicated to each game with the goal of delivering a quality gaming experience.

Our primary goal is the satisfaction of our members! Furthermore, we strive to give our members exclusive information, blogs, guides, and community support. Along with all the goodies we progress towards, we maintain an environment suitable for people of all backgrounds and play-styles.
Even our godlike moderators are humbled by the common members and you'll find them actively interacting and listening to the community.

The Struggle:
As Frederick Douglas once said, "Without a struggle, there can be no progress".
Our community is made of hard working people, but even their efforts can only go so far. We need funds to host servers, tournaments, a web site, forums, and other community-accessible tools.
We would ask for donations only due to our preference to keep our site and services ad-free; We cannot maintain our community tools without funds.
You may apply for free, and you are not obligated to donate in any way, nor do we charge for membership; yet, we hope your experiences with us will prove that we will put any donation to efficient use. We do reward those who feel generous as seen to the right, not to mention also being rewarded with our endless gratitude.

$0 of $50 per month
- Website Hosting and Management

- Weekly Blogs
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