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What is Oberion?

Oberion analyzes your gaming library and gives you personal recommendations based on what you play. Think of it as a match-making service between players and PC games. You find your match here but get them at your favorite store.
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Why are you doing this?

We want to make innovative indie games discoverable. Games without a marketing budget should always have a chance to find the audience they deserve. Games which are high-quality, receive good reviews and are created by passionate people.

Oberion is my contribution to solve the discovery problem in video games for both players and developers.

What is coming in the next releases?

  • Analyze your Steam library
  • Browse for hidden indie gems. Find them here but buy them at your favorite store.
  • Analyze your gaming library across multiple PC stores.
  • Get personalized recommendations based on what you play across multiple stores.
  • Developers can sign up to gain more attention by players who are actively looking for new games.

Why should I support you?

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  • Coming soon: You get a special supporter badge for your account on Oberion.
  • Coming soon: I originally started this project because I wanted to find new connections in gaming data. These insights will be published on Oberion's blog. Patreon supporters receive access to the fundamental data.
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