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About Ødfel


Hello! My name is Ødfel.
Welcome to my print shop!So before we get into this I want to make this super clear, you are under no obligation to join Patreon whatsoever!!!I am not going to stop making free content, but as a thank you for buying a print, there will be exclusive content you get access to see! I am using this space as a way to enable myself to make more content, share tips, tricks & progressI've been cosplaying since 2014, I certainly think that I have improved myself since then! However I am certainly still learning and learning is more fun when it's done together. SO if you want to join my creative journey then keep on reading! Bringing either my own designs, or beloved characters to life is truly a passion. It’s extremely fulfilling to see all of your hard work come together and bring your character to life. Here you'll find my trials and errors as I make new cosplay builds via WIP photos and time-lapse walkthroughs. This Patreon functions as my print shop, so if you buy a print you have access to all of this extra stuff for a whole month!

Yeah, but who is Ødfel? Honestly, I am a girl who never grew out of playing dress up. The older I got the more elaborate they were until I discovered the cosplay community and all the wonders it held. Currently I am a college student, so my free time is rather limited. Hopefully once I am out of college and hopefully more established I can not only have more free time, but I can also provide more things here to share with you all as rewards for being awesome!

Why Patreon? Many of my friends in the community have print shops, where they sell prints of themselves in cosplay. I really wanted to do something like that but living in dorms has posed more challenge than benefit for opening a fully-fledged shop. Patreon allows me the opportunity to do a ‘Print of the Month’ system which is much more manageable. On top of that I can also give you free goodies such as behind the scenes of my photoshoots, walkthroughs and WIP photos that you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

What's the money being used for?
This patreon not only makes it possible for me to make more cosplays but it also allows me to travel to more places and attend more conventions. But what does any of that mean for you? Well, for starters when I make a cosplay thanks to all of you, I make a secret debut first. Meaning you will be the first to know and the first to see it before I post anything on other social media. In addition this means more new and exciting prints as well as greater diversity in that content to meet the demands of viewers. If I can start attending more conventions, I hopefully can have some sort of meetup. Then I can meet all of you who have supported me and helped me make many of my creations! If you have any questions about how your money is being used, please feel free to ask! After all it is your money and I want to be as open as possible about how it’s being used.

What are my goals for the future of this Patreon? So as I stated above, as things pick up and grow here, and eventually I have more time on my hands, there are things I would love to be able to make happen.
  • Start making tutorials and convention vlogs on Youtube.
  • Offer more rewards such as access to digital exclusive monthly shoots.
  • Be able to attend more conventions, potentially holding meetups. 
  • Stream some cosplay creation on Twitch.
  • Offer a higher tier reward where you pick the cosplay.
  • Offer help to new cosplayers, maybe sessions on posing tips or construction tips.

I talked about rewards above, but here is more of a detailed breakdown.

EXCLUSIVE WIP UPDATES:Worklog photos and time-lapse videos of side projects and cosplays are going to be posted on here that won't be posted anywhere else! I hope to do mostly time-lapse then once something is completed make a voice over walk-through of what I did, but sometimes video is just not a feasible option. Expect lots of WIP photos exclusive to Patreon! These will be for the Silvan Tier and up!!! Valar shoots will be happening every month and the full sets can only be found here!! Some photos may be released after six months but not the entire photo set.

EXCLUSIVE PRINTS:These will be rewards to people in the Istari Tier and up of Patreon Support! Prints will be 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 in size. Keep in mind that if you intend to subscribe to one of these Tiers and want your print you must enter in you shipping address where it asks.

Patreon isn't for everyone and that is completely fine!! Find me on other social media platforms:

23% complete
If I reach goal, I can start hiring a photographer or purchase better equipment for my monthly Valar shoots and bring you guys higher quality photo sets and prints~ and generally better grade content!! I am currently opperating with a SLR camera and no lighting equipment. While I feel my content is okay, I really want to invest and make something amazing for you guys and make each month worth every cent!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 135 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 135 exclusive posts
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