is creating narrative Illustrations in digital and traditional art
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Patron Shoutout
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A shoutout to you and all my patrons that will be uploaded to a list on a new post each month, with a personal thank you and a scribble next to each patron name!
Video Of Illustration Process and Techniques
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An unlisted Youtube video link showing my drawing process, the software I use, how you can get it, and the techniques I use for creating some of my work. This perk also comes with a live chat option, for any questions you might have for me about the drawing process!
Small Digital Custom Print
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A roughly 10 x 10' (1k x 1k pixels) whimsical art print with content of your choosing! (within Patreon guideline reason, and my own) Can be a character, scene, landscape, you name it! Alternatively if you don't have anything specific in mind, I can surprise you!




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About Odonost

Hi there, thanks for visiting my page! I'm very new to Patreon, and hence, all newcomers here are absolutely welcome. My goal here is to create artistic pieces both digitally and traditionally, that focus on driving a narrative world, or to tell a story with an image. In my work I usually emphasize atmosphere and environment, lighting and mood, and try my best to create more than a pretty picture, but one that can be appreciated just as much for it's ability to tell a tale.

If you enjoy narrative art, concept art, fantasy, sci-fi, or steampunk illustrations... or an overwhelming amalgamation of all those things, then please feel free to check out my stuff! More than anything, I aim to give people a look into different worlds and fantasies, dreams and daydreams through my art, and I sincerely hope that that's what you get when you browse!

On a secondary note, I do take commissions and am currently available for freelance work. Whether it be conceptual art, character portraits, landscapes, illustrations or creature concepts! Send me a message through Patreon, or feel free to contact me via Email at; [email protected]

Thank you very much!

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